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Harwood Two Week Calendar April 20 – May 2

Harwood Community:

Spring Break:


After a long, hard, winter Harwood Union students, faculty and staff will enjoy a well-deserved vacation

April 18th until April 26th

School Reopens on Monday, April 27th


The Next Newsletter will be May 4.

2nd Annual Harwood Calcutta Night!


Harwood athletics is hosting a Calcutta at the American Legion Post 59 Friday May 1. Tickets are $100.00. First prize $2000.00, 2nd $1000.00 and $500.00 for third. All proceeds will help support all sports programs at Harwood. Only 100 tickets to be sold!

For ticket info please contact any Harwood coach, student athlete or Brian McCarthy @ 802-272-8811(call or text) or email at .


Harwood Cross Country:


Harwood boys Cross Country have been Vermont Division 2 champions 7 of the past 8 years for a total of 13 State titles. Harwood Girls have won 9 state titles. Giving the Kerrigan coached teams an amazing total of 22 Vermont State Championships. Harwood Boys were led by two-time Gatorade All-American Sam Nishi who finished first. He was followed by the Palmerio brothers (Jacob, Anthony, & Nathan), and by Morgan Baughman, Colin Fennelly and Kyle Dash.

Harwood Girls placed third, fourth, fifth, eighth and ninth. The Harwood girls included four freshman; Erin Magill, Phoebe Sweet, Jordy Kulis, Isabel Jamieson. The sophomores were Anneka Williams and Lily Clark. Junior and co-captain Charlotte Boyden was the lone upper classman in the predominantly young group of runners.


During the April 8th ERD a handful of students and teachers collated all the input from the dialog and are preparing to present it to the faculty/staff and students along with a process for deciding action steps we can take as a learning community.


Harwood Cross Country Team and Coach Kerrigan Recognized by House Representatives at Statehouse


On April 8th the Vermont House of Representatives recognized Harwood veteran teacher and coach John Kerrigan. The Vermont General Assembly honored John Kerrigan “ on his exemplary coaching and teaching career at Harwood Union High School.”

John Kerrigan has led the Highlanders to 22 Vermont State titles. He also has helped the Highlanders to 18 other state titles in Track and Nordic Skiing. “With 40 State titles, John is arguably one of the winningest coaches in Vermont scholastic history.”

Kerrigan was recognized for “ placing a strong emphasis on athletic participants’ sportsmanship, execution, and the fact that he considered every student on a team he coached to be important.” Representative Tom Stevens in Waterbury noted that Kerrigan had overcome a childhood illness, to succeed as a both a high school and college runner. He recognized Kerrigan “for his unique ability to empathize with young athletes.”

Representative Warren Kitzmueler of Montpelier stated from the General Assembly floor that there were only two high school coaches in the Vermont State history worthy of recognition by the House of Representatives. Mona Garone the legendary Oxbow coach and John Kerrigan. After Kitzmueller’s statement Kerrigan received a rousing standing ovation from the representatives.

“ I was seriously moved by the experience”, said Kerrigan. To be recognized and spoken of in such esteemed terms by the governing body of this fine State was truly an emotional moment for me. The presentation of this resolution has helped me to recognize the impact I have had on young students; I will remember this day forever.”


Putting Students at the Center

Harwood Youth and Adult Team to Present at the Vermont State House

In 2013, Vermont passed Act 77: Flexible Pathways. The legislation serves as a promise to the children of the state—that a high-quality education be accessible and available to all learners. It is also a promise to the future of Vermont, as strong schools lead to strong communi­ties—and vice versa!

This past year, through the support of the Vermont Agency of Education and State School Board Association, a Harwood youth and adult team has been supported to build public understanding and support for Act 77. Harwood members of the “Communicating School Redesign” course will present their collective work with 4 other Vermont youth and adult teams.  The Harwood team includes students Cole Lavoie, Sophia Minter and Alexa Widschwenter; Ellen Berrings, Marcus Grace and Amy Rex will accompany them.

  • DATE: April 29, 2015
  • TIME: 2:00–3:30 pm
  • PLACE: Room 11, Vermont State House.
  • PLEASE RSVP to Erin Dezell at


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Student Notices

Maple Ambassadors Needed for 2015 Vermont Maple Festival:

The Vermont Maple Festival and VMSMA are looking for candidates for Vermont Maple Ambassadors to be chosen at the Vermont Maple Festival in St. Albans on April 25.  Two individuals, a male and a female, will be chosen to represent the Vermont Maple industry at functions throughout Vermont and New England for one year. A $2000 scholarship will be awarded to each recipient. This scholarship competition is open to any Vermont student ages 16-21. The candidate does not have to come from a sugaring family but they must have knowledge and experience about maple sugaring.  The Vermont Maple Ambassadors promote, publicize and educate the public with their maple knowledge. They take part in Fairs, Festivals, Field Days, and are in attendance at most significant events where maple is a part of the occasion. The Vermont Building at the Eastern States Exposition in Springfield, Massachusetts is one of the places where the Maple Ambassador will frequently play host and hostess.  For more information and an application form, stop by the school counseling office.  Deadline:  April 24th.